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Title:Icelandic Preaspiration and the Moraic Theory of Geminates
Authors:Edward Keer
Abstract:Icelandic Preaspiration and the Moraic Theory of Geminates

Edward Keer

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

In this paper I provide an Optimality Theoretic (OT) account of Icelandic

preaspiration that relies on both the moraic theory of geminates (Hayes

1986, McCarthy & Prince 1986) as well as the bisegmental theory of

aspiration proposed by Steriade (1993, 1994). The main claim of the

analysis is that preaspiration is a type of metathesis between the stop

and the aspiration. Following Thráinsson (1978) and Hermans (1985) I

assume that preaspiration is contingent on lengthening of consonants in

stressed syllables. This restriction is captured in an OT grammar

through relative ranking of constraints. The analysis is further

supported by a typology of preaspiration processes.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1