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Title:The prosodic representation of clitics in Irish
Authors:Antony D. Green
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Abstract:The prosodic representation of clitics in Irish

Antony Dubach Green

Zentrum fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft

In this paper I discuss evidence from Irish that indicates that

proclitics in this language are usually incorporated into the

phonological phrase, as a sister of the prosodic word containing the

clitic's lexical host. Under certain circumstances, however, the

final consonant of a clitic may become the onset of a vowel-initial

lexical word. In the event that the clitic consists solely of a

consonant, the clitic and host will be inside the same prosodic word.

I aim to show firstly that the prosodic analysis of clitics can vary

within a single language and secondly that it is possible for a

prosodic word to consist of morphologically "arbitrary" strings of

sounds, rather than exclusively of complete morphemes.
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