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Title:Correspondence and Epenthetic Quality
Authors:Catherine Kitto, Paul de Lacy
Abstract:Correspondence and Epenthetic Quality

Catherine Kitto (University of Toronto)


Paul de Lacy (University of Massachusetts)

In some languages epenthetic segments are realized with unmarked

features while in others they are copies of nearby segments. To

account for this variation, we propose that epenthetic elements can be

in a relation of Correspondence with other output segments, analogous

to reduplication. This approach is shown to account for both

cross-linguistic and language-internal variation in epenthetic

featural quality.

We examine a variety of cases of epenthesis, focussing on

cases of copy epenthesis and on languages where epenthetic

quality varies in different contexts.

Keywords: epenthesis, correspondence, Base
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1