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Title:Circumscriptive Morphemes
Authors:Paul de Lacy
Abstract:Circumscriptive Morphemes

Paul de Lacy

University of Massachusetts

The aim of this paper is to present evidence for a hitherto

unrecognised type of morpheme: a haplologizing reduplicant, dubbed a

'circumscriptive morpheme' here. Unlike standard reduplicants, these

morphemes coalesce with phonological material instead of copying it.

Circumscriptive morphemes are shown to be essential in accounting for

morphologically-induced lengthening and reduplicative infixation in

the Polynesian language Maori. Other potential applications - as in

parsing-out circumscription, truncation, and subtractive morphology -

are also discussed.

Keywords: circumscription, haplology, reduplication, Base
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1