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Title:Word Faithfulness and the direction of assimilation
Authors:T. Borowsky
Abstract:Word-Faithfulness and the Direction of Assimilations

Toni Borowsky

University of Sydney

This paper proposes that differences in the direction of application

of phonological rules can be attributed to the differences in the

observed patterns of faithfulness at the WORD and ROOT-levels.

Using data from English and Dutch I show that Progressive Voicing

Assimilation is characteristically restricted to the inter-word

environment (ie. it occurs at the WORD-level) and is the consequence

of WORD-faithfulness. I consider whether the same kind of faithfulness

effect can account for assymetrical patterns observed with other

phonological processes such as vowel harmony, vowel elision and nasal

place assimilation.

To appear in The Linguistic Review, 17.1 (2000)
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1