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Title:Shape Conservation and Remnant Movement
Authors:Gereon Mueller
Comment:15 pages. To appear in NELS 30 proceedings
Abstract:Shape Conservation and Remnant Movement

Gereon Mueller

University of Stuttgart

Standard (``primary'') remnant movement constructions as introduced by

Thiersch (1985) and den Besten \& Webelhuth (1987; 1990) differ

significantly from other (``secondary'') remnant movement

constructions as they have recently been proposed by Kayne (1998),

Johnson (1998), and others. This paper shows that a unified

optimality-theoretic approach is possible if we assume that whereas

primary remnant movement is feature-driven, secondary remnant movement

is a repair phenomenon -- movement proceeds in violation of Last

Resort in order to respect a higher-ranked Shape Conservation

constraint (Williams (1999)). On the conceptual side, a new model of

optimization in syntax is proposed: Optimization proceeds locally, not

globally, and it affects extremely small parts of syntactic

derivations. This move is shown to be both conceptually attractive

and empirically motivated.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1