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Title:A Correspondence Analysis on Hiatus Resolution in Korean
Authors:Ongmi Kang
Abstract:A Correspondence Analysis on Hiatus Resolution in Korean

Ongmi Kang

Chosun University, Korea

A vowel hiatus context is resolved by vowel coalescence, vowel elision, glide

formation, or glide insertion. These are all onset-driven phenomena. The formal

speech form, which may show a vowel hiatus, is derived by IO-correspondence. A

vowel hiatus is eliminated by deletion of a V in a V+V sequence or by obligatory

glide formation of the first vowel. On the other hand, the casual speech form,

where vowel coalescence, optional glide formation and glide insertion occur, is

derived by OO-correspondence. The difference between the formal speech form and

the casual speech form is the constraint ranking between Onset and other constraints.

This paper, which appeared in Studies in Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology 5 (1999),

is an extended version of "Correspondence Approach to Glide Formation in Korean"


e-mail: ongmi@mail.chosun.ac.kr

homepage: http://www.chosun.ac.kr/~ongmi/

(composed in Korean)
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1