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Title:Comparative Tableaux
Authors:Alan Prince
Comment:Superseded by ROA-562. 20 pp. (117K/96K gzip.) Second file is an appendix (3pp: 22K/15K gzip) included in main file as of 2/12
Abstract:Comparative Tableaux

Alan Prince

Rutgers University


Ranking and optimality are based on pairwise comparisons between

a desired optimum and its competitors. The 'comparative tableau'

identifies and represents the elements that figure in the logic

of ranking arguments, a prerequisite for the understanding of

optimality-theoretic analyses. As a data-structure, the comparative

tableau makes it straightforward to present and assess claims of

crucial ranking; to find redundancies and contradictions in sets

of ranking arguments; to employ the constraint demotion algorithms;

and to efficiently determine universal suboptimal status.

Appendix added 2/12/2000.

This paper revises and replaces Prince 1998/ROA-288.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:This article has been withdrawn.