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Title:Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization
Authors:K. David Harrison, Abigail Kaun
Abstract:Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization

K. David Harrison and Abigail Kaun

Yale University

The principles of Lexicon Optimization dictate that predictable feature

values will be missing from input representations only when they exhibit

surface alternations. Patterns of vowel harmony and disharmony in Finnish

and Tuvan indicate that this is not the case.

We argue that the theory of underspecification that falls out from

Lexicon Optimization is too restrictive. We instead propose a theory of

Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization (PRLO) under which a pervasive

phonological pattern may yield underspecified input representations, even

in the absence of surface alternations. Such patterns may promote the

selection of an underspecified input representation over a fully-specified

one, even when mapping the appropriate surface form to the fully-specified

alternative would involve fewer constraint violations.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1