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Title:Intra-Representational Correspondence and Truncation
Authors:Nathan Sanders
Abstract:Intra-Representational Correspondence and Truncation

Nathan Sanders

UC Santa Cruz

This paper was presented at Linguistics at Santa Cruz [LASC] 1999,

University of California, Santa Cruz.

In this paper, I argue against the emergence of the unmarked prosodic

structure analysis of truncation in Benua 1995, 1998, which has two

problems: a ranking paradox for Icelandic, and an undesirable

requirement to ignore faithfulness to the underlying representation.

I provide solutions to these problems by extending base-reduplicant

correspondence (McCarthy and Prince 1995) to allow other morphemes

the ability to trigger "intra-representational correspondence" (IRC).

In particular, I assume that TRUNC, the morpheme which induces

truncation, is a morpheme that can trigger IRC in a similar way that

the reduplication morpheme RED does.

This analysis has three benefits: (i) it avoids the ranking paradox

from the EoU analysis of Icelandic, (ii) it does not require that

input-output faithfulness be ignored in the case of truncation, and

(iii) it provides a way to unify various patterns in French

hypcoristic formation, in which truncation, reduplication, and

metathesis are utilized depending on the shape of the base form

(Nelson 1998).
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1