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Title:Approximation and Exactness in Finite State Optimality Theory
Authors:Dale Gerdemann, Gertjan van Noord
Comment:12 pages, FINITE-STATE PHONOLOGY : SIGPHON 2000, Fifth Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology, COLING 2000
Abstract:Approximation and Exactness in Finite State Optimality Theory

Dale Gerdemann, University of Tuebingen

Gertjan van Noor, University of Groningen

Previous work (Frank and Satta 1998; Karttunen, 1998) has shown that

Optimality Theory with gradient constraints generally is not finite

state. A new finite-state treatment of gradient constraints is

presented which improves upon the approximation of Karttunen

(1998). The method turns out to be exact, and very compact, for the

syllabification analysis of Prince and Smolensky (1993).

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1