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Title:Morphologically conditioned phonological alternations
Authors:Arto Anttila
Abstract:Morphologically conditioned phonological alternations

Arto Anttila

Boston University and National University of Singapore

Alternations that are partly phonologically, partly morphologically

conditioned are a central problem in phonological theory. In

Optimality Theory, two types of solutions have been proposed:

morphologically specialized phonological constraints (interface

constraints) and different constraint rankings for different

morphological categories (cophonologies). This paper presents

empirical evidence that distinguishes between these two

hypotheses. Stem-final vowel alternations in Finnish are governed by a

mixed set of conditions that range from purely phonological to

morphological and lexical, from iron-clad exceptionless regularities

to quantitative tendencies. Using a standard dictionary as the data

base, we show that phonological conditioning plays the dominant role,

but in cases where phonology underdetermines the output, morphological

conditioning may emerge. We then show that partial ordering of

constraints, commonly used to model variation, extends to

morphological conditioning as well. The partial ordering model is a

restrictive version of the cophonology model which is thus supported.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1