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Title:Markedness in Prominent Positions
Authors:Paul de Lacy
Comment:Short version appears as (2001) Markedness in prominent positions, in Ora Matushansky, Albert Costa, Javier Martin-Gonzalez, Lance Nathan, and Adam Szczegielniak (eds.) HUMIT 2000, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 40. Cambridge, MA: MITWPL, pp.53-66
Abstract:Markedness in Prominent Positions

Paul de Lacy
University of Massachusetts

This paper is about the relationship between contrast and prominent
positions - i.e. onsets, stressed syllables, and root-initial syllables
(Beckman 1998).

I propose that there are markedness constraints that refer directly to
prominent positions. These constraints are needed to deal with cases
where neutralization or allophony is restricted to such positions.
However, I argue that there are severe restrictions on the form of
prominent-position markedness constraints. In particular,
the constraints can only mention prosodic elements -- prosodic
structure and sonority levels; they cannot mention subsegmental

The Polynesian language Niuafo'ou is the empirical focus of this

[There are two versions of this paper. The short version will
be published in A. Nevins (ed) Proceedings of HUMIT, MITWPL. The
longer version is for the interested reader.]
Type:Paper/tech report
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