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Title:Stress assignment in the nominal system of Modern Hebrew
Authors:Dafna Graf
Abstract:The nominal system of MH displays a lexical accent system, where main stress assignment is a result of the interaction between lexical properties of the stem and lexical properties of the affix. In the case that no lexical properties are specified for stem and/or suffix, a general stress rule is activated, which assigns stress to the rightmost accentable syllable. In other words, final stress is the phonological “default” stress. The lexical accent properties of morphemes are taken to be marked by means of lexical prosodic structure, or more specifically, by the association of a syllable with a position in a strong foot (=head-foot).
The stress patterns presented in the data will be accounted for by an OT-analysis, in which the inherent conflicts of the nominal system will be solved due to the interaction between constraints demanding faithfulness to the lexically marked prosodic structure and alignment constraints, controlling the footing of the prosodic word and the position of main stress. The analysis will show that one simple constraint hierarchy generates adequately the regular as well as the irregular stress patterns in the nominal system of MH.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology/prosody interface
Article:Version 1