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Title:Stress-epenthesis interactions
Authors:Ellen Broselow
Comment:contains Word Perfect characters
Abstract:In this paper I argue that the correspondence approach to
stress-epenthesis interactions provides a better match
with the data than the multi-level approach. The general
argument of the paper is that disruption of normal stress
patterns by epenthetic material is caused by one of two
factors: avoidance of epenthetic material in prominent
positions, and maximization of paradigmatic contrasts.
In Selayarese loanwords, the main stress foot is
constructed to avoid inclusion of epenthetic vowels
anywhere in the foot, while in North Kyungsang Korean
loanwords and in Winnebago native vocabulary, epenthetic
vowels are avoided in the head position of a foot.
In Iraqi Arabic, the invisibility of inserted vowels is
motivated by the maximization of contrast between stems
of different grammatical types.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1