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Title:The Prosodic Morphology of Jamaican Creole Iteratives
Authors:John Alderete
Comment:1993 MA paper (UC Santa Cruz); reprinted in Benedicto, Elena (ed.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers 20, The UMOP on Indigenous Languages, GLSA, pp. 29-50.
Abstract:The input of a reduplicative word formation process in
Jamaican Creole (JC) is restricted prosodically. In this
paper, the prosodic restrictions are analyzed in terms of
constraints that are generally operative in the JC prosodic
system. The study therefore provides empirical support for
the Prosodic Morphology Hypothesis of McCarthy & Prince
1986. Investigation of the constraints operative in JC
prosody leads to two further conclusions. First, on the
basis of stress facts and various morpho-phonological
phenomena, it is argued that the JC foot is a moraic
trochee, a member of a restrictive inventory of foot types.
Second, the analysis of various restrictions on the
reduplicative base requires a loosening of the principles
governing the layering of prosodic categories in the
Prosodic Hierarchy.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1