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Title:Clitics and Agreement in Competition: Ergative cross-referencing patterns
Authors:Ellen Woolford
Abstract:Clitics and agreement are in competition as alternative
devices for cross-referencing arguments. This paper
demonstrates that a small set of constraints developed
in work on OT Syntax to account for aspects of agreement
and clitic behavior in nominative-accusative languages,
when reranked, predicts the existence not only of simple
ergative cross-referencing patterns (e.g. as in Selayarese),
but also complex split ergative patterns (e.g. as in Yimas).
This exciting result indicates that the OT approach to clitics
and agreement is on the right track, and it provides further
support for the claim in Woolford 1997, 2001, based on Case,
that no additional machinery or parameters have to be added
to the theory to account for ergative languages.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1