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Title:Gradient constraints in finite state OT: The unidirectional and the bidirectional case
Abstract:The paper reviews some results on the automata theoretic complexity of OT (Frank and
Satta's 1998 finite state construction for binary constraints in unidirectional OT,
Gerdemann and van Noord's 2000 FS implementation of gradient constraints, Jaeger's 2001
extrapolation of the Frank/Satta construction to bidirectional OT in the sense of Blutner
2001). Based on that, it develops a generalization of Gerdemann and van Noord's
construction, and it presents a proof that their strategy is not applicable in
bidirectional OT. It is thus established that bidirectional OT is intrinsically more
complex than standard OT.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Formal Analysis,Computation
Article:Version 1