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Title:Optimal Paradigms
Authors:John J. McCarthy
Comment:Originally posted 1/2002; revised 4/2003
Abstract:Transderivational Correspondence and Uniform Exponence
are two recent theories of surface resemblances among
morphologically related words. This article describes
the Optimal Paradigms theory, which incorporates
elements of both. In OP, candidates consist of entire
inflectional paradigms. Within each candidate paradigm,
there is a correspondence relation from every paradigm
member to every other paradigm member. Faithfulness
constraints on this intraparadigmatic correspondence
relation resist alternation within the paradigm. This
model is illustrated and supported with a type of
evidence that has not figured in previous discussions,
the templatic structure of the Classical Arabic verb.
Generalized Template Theory demands that templatic
restrictions emerge from independently motivated
constraints. The OP model supplies this kind of
explanation for the permitted shapes of Arabic verbal
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1