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Title:Remarks on Nominal Inflection in German
Authors:Gereon Mueller
Abstract:I develop an optimality-theoretic approach to nominal inflection in
German according to which the form and the distribution of inflection
markers in NPs are both determined in the syntax. The approach is
inferential-realizational, and it dispenses with the assumption that
nominal inflection markers in German are morphemes in their own
right. Furthermore, paradigms of nominal inflection emerge as mere
epiphenomena. The main three advantages of this approach are that all
instances of paradigmatic syncretism can be shown to be systematic;
that a partial motivation for the form of inflection markers can be
given by invoking the Sonority Hierarchy; and that well-known
instances of syntactic influence on the choice of inflection markers
can be accounted for straightforwardly. In addition, the paper may
answer certain questions raised by ROA 481 (which presupposes that
morphological Case marking can arise in the syntax but does not say
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1