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Title:Varied Alignment in the Halkomelem Continuative Reduplicant
Authors:Philip Monahan
Abstract:Here, I propose lexically marked alignment constraints in order to account for a pattern of reduplication in Upriver Halkomelem (UH; Galloway 1993) whereby the continuative reduplicant, with the same size and shape, exhibits two unpredictable patterns of alignment, infixed or prefixed dependent upon the stem. I propose an alternative analysis to Urbanczyk (1998), who does not account the alignment of the reduplicant. My claim is that the stem is lexically specified as to the alignment its affix takes, and that the alignment constraints are lexically marked, along the lines of Fukazawa
(1997) and Fukazawa, et. al (1998). This lexical marking accounts for the differing patterns of alignment exhibited by the continuative reduplicant
in UH. Finally, I discuss the parallel between the UH analysis presented here and Fukazawa’s analysis for Japanese lexicon stratification (stratum specific
faithfulness constraints or multiple IO faithfulness relations).
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Morphology, Learnability
Article:Version 1