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Title:Maximal words and the Maori passive
Authors:Paul de Lacy
Comment:In Andrea Rakowski and Norvin Richards (ed.) Proceedings of AFLA VIII. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 44., pp.20-39. Excerpt in J. McCarthy (ed.) Optimality Theory in phonology: A reader. Blackwells.
Abstract:Minimal Word restrictions - limits on the smallest possible size of a word - have been studied extensively. This article instead identifies a Maximal Word restriction: a limit on the largest possible size of a word. The Polynesian language Maori limits the size of a word to containing one foot and no unfootable sequences: words like [(paki)ta] and [ku(ri:)] are possible, but not CVCVCVCV or CVCVCV:. These limits are shown to follow from conditions on the form of Prosodic Words; restrictions on the PrWd-word relationship then effectively limit word size. Active synchronic alternations provide evidence for the Maximal Word restrictions: they condition the allomorphs of Maoris famous passive suffix. New generalizations about passive allomorphy are also identified.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Morphology
Article:This article has been withdrawn.