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Title:Gestural Timing and the Resolution of /Cr/ Clusters in Romance
Authors:Travis G. Bradley
Abstract:This paper considers the phonetic and phonological behavior of tautosyllabic obstruent-plus-apicoalveolar tap clusters in Romance varieties. Data from Spanish, Late Latin, Sardinian, and southeastern Brazilian Portuguese suggest the following generalization: Romance /Cr/ clusters are realized along an intersegmental duration continuum as a function of the relative phonetic separation between the consonants of the cluster. I argue that the phonetic continuum derives from the relative timing of the articulatory gestures associated with each member of the cluster. A formal account is developed, couched within Optimality Theory, in which phonetic constraints on intergestural timing interact directly with phonological constraints against segment deletion. Ranking permutation of the proposed constraints yields a factorial typology capable of generating the attested cluster realizations.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonetics, Phonology
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