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Title:Classical Chinese Verse Grammar: Coexisting sub-grammars and formal grounding [Dissertation]
Authors:Yan Zuo
Comment:12 files (title, chapters 1-9, references, appendices 1-2)
Abstract:This study develops a formal grammar that captures the modern speaker’s scansion of classical Chinese verse and accounts for his intuitive judgment of the metrical harmony. The central proposal is that the grammar is represented by the coexistence of the five minimally different sub-grammars in which the cognitively oriented reading experience can be grounded. The grammar is couched in the Optimality Theory framework and the empirical basis is constituted by a corpus of 3933 lines randomly selected from five major genres of classical Chinese verse spanning more than 2000 years. The corpus obviously offers a fertile ground for exploration from various angles, and the present study focuses on only one aspect, namely, the development of the above-stated grammar. Other related topics such as the historical dimension of the verse grammar are also briefly addressed.
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Metrics
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