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Title:Word, foot, and syllable structure in Burmese
Authors:Antony D. Green
Abstract:In this overview of various effects in the prosodic phonology of Burmese, a number of suggestions are made. First, the Coda Condition is extended to a ban on all place features (including vowel place features) at the right edge of the syllable. Second, all feet in Burmese consist of a single heavy syllable alone. Third, the foot tolerates onset clusters, but the syllable does not. Fourth, with few exceptions, prosodic categories in Burmese are preferably nonbranching, i.e. each category dominates exactly one member of the next lower category. Fifth, the exceptions to that generalization are accounted for by prespecifying some prosodic structure (pword, foot) in the input.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1