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Title:Constraint universality and prosodic phrasing in Maori
Authors:Paul de Lacy
Comment:To appear in A.Carpenter, A.Coetzee, and P.de Lacy (eds.) Papers in Optimality Theory II. Amherst: GLSA.
Abstract:This paper explores the notion that all constraints are
present in all grammars (‘Universality’). For any pair
of constraints, Universality is shown to produce four
types of system, differing in terms of the constraints’
activity (i.e. visible effect). Conditions on the
typological predictions are identified, building on
Samek-Lodovici (1996, 1998a,b). The empirical focus is
the Polynesian language Maori, for which it is argued
that both left and right edges of lexical syntactic
phrases align with the left and right edges of
Phonological Phrases respectively.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1