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Title:Variation of s-voicing in two varieties of Italian
Authors:Martin Krämer
Abstract:In this paper I give an optimality theoretic account of
intervocalic s-voicing in Italian. The analysis covers the
complete distributional patterns of the voiced and
voiceless coronal fricative found in Northern Italian
(Lombardian) in comparison with Tuscan. The comparison
with Tuscan reveals that the word-medial position is
particularly resistant against neutralisation. This
resistance stands in conflict with observations in the
literature that the left margin of roots is the preferred
place for the expression of phonemic contrast (Beckman
1998 and references cited there). The particular behaviour
of the fricative in the middle of the word will be
accounted for by an extension of the contiguity constraint
(McCarthy & Prince 1995) to the featural level.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1