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Title:Two Lectures on Prosodic Morphology (Utrecht, 1994)
Authors:John J. McCarthy, Alan Prince
Abstract:Two Lectures on Prosodic Morphology

John J. McCarthy
UMass Amherst

Alan Prince
Rutgers University

This document contains handouts and verbatim transcripts of two lectures presented at the OTS/HIL Workshop on Prosodic Morphology, held at the University of Utrecht, June 22 and 24, 1994. These lectures work toward the goal of eliminating the Prosodic-Morphology-specific aspects of linguistic theory in favor of independently-motivated principles.

Lecture I, 'Template Form in Reduplication', proposes a theory of Generalized Templates, in which templatic targets are determined by broad structural conditions which, interacting through constraint ranking, characterize the prosodic invariance structure of templates. Aspects of Lecture I are developed at greater length in ROA-13 and ROA-216.

Lecture II, 'Template Satisfaction', argues for a single theory of Correspondence that encompasses faithfulness and reduplicative identity. Several aspects of Lecture II are developed at much greater length in ROA-60 and ROA-216.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1