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Authors:Brett Hyde
Abstract:The article presents a revised general formulation for Prince and Smolensky’s (1993) NonFinality constraints, where NonFinality focuses on the locations of metrical grid entries rather than the locations of prosodic heads. Adopting the version of metrical stress theory advanced in Hyde 2002, NonFinality constraints are applied to the prosodic word, foot, and syllable domains to account not only for basic extrametricality effects but also for phenomena that lie outside extrametricality’s traditional range. The article demonstrates that the revised formulation retains NonFinality’s ability to duplicate foot and syllable extrametricality effects and that it outperforms the standard formulation in its ability to duplicate consonant extrametricality effects. The article also demonstrates how NonFinality constraints can account for the type of weight sensitivity found in unbounded stress systems and for the rhythmic lengthening effects found in both iambic and trochaic systems.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1