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Title:Correspondence in OT Syntax and Minimal Link Effects
Authors:Ralf Vogel
Comment:draft version, to appear in A. Stepanov, G. Fanselow & R. Vogel, Minimality Effects in Syntax, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, 2004
Abstract:The aim of this paper is the exploration of an optimality theoretic architecture for syntax that is guided by the concept of correspondence: syntax is understood as the mechanism of 'translating' underlying representations into a surface form. In minimalism, this surface form is called 'Phonological Form' (PF). Both semantic and abstract syntactic information are reflected by the surface form. The empirical domain where this architecture is tested are minimal link effects, especially in the case of wh-movement.

The OT constraints require the surface form to reflect the underlying semantic and syntactic representations as maximally as possible. The means by which underlying relations and properties are encoded are precedence, adjacency, surface morphology and prosodic structure. Information that is not encoded in one of these ways remains unexpressed, and gets lost unless it is recoverable via the context.

Different kinds of information are often expressed by the same means. The resulting conflicts are resolved by the relative ranking of the relevant correspondence constraints.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1