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Title:Case for the OT Case Assignment
Authors:Evguenia Malaia
Abstract:The paper investigates the phenomenon of Case assignment in OT syntax and suggests a uniform input and mechanism of syntactic analysis for Case assignment. We propose that the input for OT analysis should be the verb with its theta roles, and the arguments that these theta-roles can be assigned to.

Predictions of Case assignment for languages with split ergativity provided by Aissen (2000) are inconsistent, as the researcher admits: the intransitive sentences are not accounted for. On the other hand, Woolford (2000) has proposed an alternative account, which makes allowance for both structural and inherent cases, by using inherent Cases in the input. This is a problematic approach, because Cases are syntactic structures, and using them as input for syntactic analysis is a palliative measure. We suggest that the verb, its theta-roles, and arguments, should be taken as input.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1