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Title:A Study of Nominal Reduplication in Modern Hebrew
Authors:Dafna Graf
Abstract:This paper studies a process of diminutive reduplication in the nominal system of Modern Hebrew, in which the output of the reduplication process – the reduplicated form – is subject to templatic demands. It is suggested that nominal reduplication exemplifies templatic word formation in that it obeys general principles on prosodic wellformedness that are familiar from other word formation processes in the language.
One intriguing aspect of this type of reduplication is a suggested interdependency between base and reduplicated form in that not only the segments of the base influence the output, but also that the base for the process must be of a specific prosodic shape. This relation differs principally from the Base-Reduplicant faithfulness relation studied in OT-literature.
Restrictions on the structure of the output as well as the establishment of correspondence relations between base and reduplicated form are supported by data that were collected in a production experiment with native speakers. This paper is a slightly modified version of the report on the results of this experiment, delievered in June 2002.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Morphology
Article:Version 1