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Title:Lexical category and phonological contrast
Authors:Jennifer L. Smith
Comment:In R. Kirchner, J. Pater, and W. Wikely, eds. (2001). PETL 6: Proceedings of the Workshop on the Lexicon in Phonetics and Phonology. Edmonton: University of Alberta, 61-72.
Abstract:In a number of languages, nouns show phonologically privileged behavior compared to verbs. This difference is analyzed here as an instance of positional faithfulness: the category noun is a strong position, so the grammar includes noun-specific faithfulness constraints which, when high-ranking, allow nouns to be exempt from neutralization processes that target other words. Even a case of neutralization that targets nouns specifically is shown to be a type of neutralization process that characteristically affects strong positions, reinforcing the claim that the category noun has a special status in phonology.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology,Formal Analysis,Psycholinguistics
Article:Version 1