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Title:Constraining High Tone Spans in Ekegusii Verbal Tonology
Authors:Lee S. Bickmore
Abstract:Constraining High Tone Spans in Ekegusii Verbal Tonology

Lee S. Bickmore

SUNY Albany


Ekegusii, a Kenyan Bantu language, exhibits a complex array of

tonal patterns in the finite verbal system including bounded High

displacement, bounded High spreading , and unbounded High spreading,

each of which are 'blocked' from applying in certain configurations.

Working within Optimality Theory, I show that the surface tonal

patterns result from a delicate interplay between the productivity

of various tonal processes and the avoidance of certain tonal

structures. Several theoretical proposals are made in the areas of:

1) constraint sensitivity to lexical strata, 2) tone & accent

interaction in OT, 3) bounded spreading as "minimal misalignment",

and 4) underspecification of the edge parameter in an ALIGN


Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1