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Title:Infixation as Morpheme Absorption
Authors:Anna Lubowicz
Abstract:This article examines data from the languages Palauan and Akkadian where identical infixes and prefixes respond differently to feature cooccurrence restrictions (OCP). In both languages, OCP is enforced on the root domain. While prefixes are not subject to OCP, identical infixes need to conform to OCP restrictions. To explain the asymmetry between identical infixes and prefixes, I propose that infixes are part of the root morpheme in the output while prefixes are outside of the root domain. Infixes become part of the output root morpheme via a process of what I will call morpheme absorption. I propose an OT analysis of morpheme absorption. Empirical consequences of this proposal are explored.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Morphology
Article:Version 1