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Title:Evidence for phonological constraints on nuclear accent placement.
Authors:James German, Janet Pierrehumbert, Stefan Kaufmann
Comment:NOTE: This paper will appear in LANGUAGE (Journal of the Linguistic Society of America), March 2006 (Vol. 82.1). This is a pre-publication draft -- the final published version will be somewhat different and will be the official form (of record) for this
Abstract:The role of information structure and context on nuclear accent placement is called into question. This paper presents the results of a production study showing that phonologically weak words may resist nuclear accents even under narrow focus. The study also reveals a significant degree of inter- as well as intra-speaker variability. It is shown that a modification of the system of constraints proposed in Schwarzchild (1999) can account for the new data.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:This article has been withdrawn.