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Title:Phonological opacity and counterfactual derivation
Authors:Eric Bakovic
Comment:Revised Sept. 24, 2005
Abstract:It has become almost axiomatic that OT is ill-suited for the treatment of opacity (as defined in Kiparsky 1973), non-surface-apparent generalizations in particular (counterbleeding; McCarthy 1999). My goal in this squib is to show that there exists an important class of heretofore unrecognized non-surface-apparent generalizations that can in fact only be contended with successfully within OT. In a turnabout on the usual play, it is Derivational Phonology that must be significantly modified in order to properly capture this kind of generalization, giving the lie to the prevailing view that opacity is a natural class of synchronically real phenomena with a unified analysis in terms of rule ordering.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1