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Title:An OT-analysis of do-support in Modern German
Authors:Markus Bader, Tanja Schmid
Abstract:Grimshaw (1997) gives an optimality theoretic analysis of English do-support. She also claims that due to a different constraint ranking, a language like German does not have the equivalent to English semantically empty do. In this article we present a counterexample to this claim: semantically empty do is obligatorily inserted with VP topicalization in Standard German. In support of these data, experimental studies (speeded grammaticality judgments) of Standard German are presented and contrasted with Colloquial German. Although the Standard German data contradict Grimshaw's typological prediction, we conclude that they actually support her analysis of do-insertion as a last resort strategy.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Syntax, Psycholinguistics
Article:Version 1