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Title:Wondering at the Natural Fecundity of Things: Essays in Honor of Alan Prince
Authors:Eric Bakovic, Junko Ito, John J. McCarthy
Abstract:This volume honors Alan Prince on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday (June 20, 2006). The contributors have all benefited from Alan's influence as a teacher, a mentor, and a colleague, and by their presence in this collection these papers recognize that contribution. The range of topics covered is as broad as Alan's interests, including phonology in particular, linguistic theory in general, and cognitive science.

Note: this collection is made available electronically at the University of California eScholarship Repository, as an offering of the UC Santa Cruz Linguistics Research Center: http://repositories.cdlib.org/lrc/prince/.

Update, August 31, 2006: This collection is now available from the on-demand publisher BookSurge. Copies may be purchased at Amazon.com. The manuscripts were reformatted for this on-demand publication, slightly affecting the pagination of the original manuscripts posted at this site; the original manuscripts have thus been replaced with these new reformatted versions.


Eric Bakovic (UCSD), Junko Ito (UCSC), and John McCarthy (UMass)
Preface: LINK

Bibliography of Alan Prince: LINK

Akinbiyi Akinlabi (Rutgers)
'Neutral Vowels in Lokaa Harmony': LINK

Eric Bakovic (UCSD)
'Elsewhere Effects in Optimality Theory': LINK

Andrea Calabrese (UConn) and Samuel Jay Keyser (MIT)
'On the Peripatetic Behavior of Aspiration in Sanskrit Roots': LINK

Jane Grimshaw (Rutgers)
'Chains as Unfaithful Optima': LINK

Graham Horwood (Center for International Issues Research, SAIC)
'Association Faith and Korean Palatalization': LINK

Brett Hyde (Washington University)
'Towards a Uniform Account of Prominence-Sensitive Stress': LINK

Junko Ito and Armin Mester (UCSC)
'Indulgentia Parentum Filiorum Pernicies: Lexical Allomorphy in Latin and Japanese': LINK

John J. McCarthy (UMass)
'Restraint of Analysis': LINK

Steven Pinker (Harvard)
'Whatever Happened to the Past Tense Debate?': LINK

Vieri Samek-Lodovici (University College London)
'Absence of Stress Culmination and Prosodic Phrasing' LINK

Paul Smolensky (Johns Hopkins)
'On Theoretical Facts and Empirical Abstractions' LINK

Bruce Tesar (Rutgers)
'Learning from Paradigmatic Information': LINK

Moira Yip (University College London)
'Is There Such a Thing as Animal Phonology?': LINK

Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology,Syntax,Morphology,Language Acquisition,Learnability,Formal Analysis
Article:Part 1
Part 2