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Title:The division of labor between segment-internal structure and violable constraints
Authors:Bruce Moren
Comment:To be published in: Blaho, Sylvia, Patrik Bye and Martin Krämer (eds.) Freedom of Analysis?
Abstract:This paper touches on a range of conceptual and practical issues that are relevant to current discussions regarding the nature of the phonological component of the grammar, including: featural, representational and constraint economy; representation versus evaluation; computation versus competence; the line between phonetics and phonology; categorical perception; full-specification of features versus minimal/contrastive specification; richness-of-the-base; the unrestricted candidate set; universality of constraints; the lexicon; and phonological acquisition.

The paper begins with a review of several conceptual issues that arise when modeling the phonological grammar using Optimality Theory (Prince and Smolensky 1993), highlights some interesting general problems and possible solutions, and then moves on to a detailed discussion of how one might model the segment inventory (including phonetic dispersion and variation) of Hawaiian in OT.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1