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Title:When the Hothead Speaks: Simulated Annealing Optimality Theory for Dutch Fast Speech
Authors:Tamas Biro
Comment:In T. van der Wouden, M. Poss, H. Reckman, C. Cremers (eds.): Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2004, Selected papers from the 15th CLIN meeting, LOT, Utrecht, 2005, pp. 13-28. First file: as appeared, incl. page nrs; 2nd file: w/o minor typos
Abstract:Simulated Annealing, a widespread technique for combinatorial optimisation, is employed to find the optimal candidate in a candidate set, as defined in Optimality Theory (OT). Being a heuristic technique, simulated annealing does not guarantee to return the correct solution, and yet, some result is always returned within a constant time. Similarly to language production, this time framework can be diminished with the cost of diminishing correctness. We demonstrate how simulated annealing can model linguistic performance, built upon a competence theory, namely, OT. After having applied simulated annealing to OT, we attempt to reproduce empirical observations on metrical stress in Dutch fast speech. Simulated annealing necessitates defining a topology on the candidate set, as well as an exact formulation of the constraint Output-Output Correspondence.
Type:Paper/tech report
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