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Title:Austronesian Nasal Substitution and other NC effects
Authors:Joe Pater
Comment:Superseded by ROA-160.
Abstract: Austronesian Nasal Substitution and other NC effects (Abstract)

ROA-92 (36pp.)

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Joe Pater

McGill University


This paper analyzes Indonesian/Malay nasal substitution (i.e.

meN+pilih -> memilih, but meN+beli -> membeli) as fusion of the nasal

and voiceless obstruent, driven by a general, phonetically motivated

constraint that disallows nasal/voiceless obstruent clusters (*NC).

Through reranking *NC with faithfulness constraints, a typology of NC

effects, including nasal deletion, post-nasal voicing, and

denasalization, is produced. This approach to NC effects is shown to

avoid problems of over- and under-generation in both the standard

analysis of nasal substitution, as well as in the recent analysis of

post-nasal voicing in Ito, Mester, and Padgett (to appear).

Topics of more general concern dealt with in the paper include

the formulation of segmental faithfulness constraints in the

Correspondence Theory of McCarthy and Prince (1995), as well as the

influence of morphology on non-prosodic phonology.

For those without access to the equipment needed to download this

paper from ROA, a copy can be requested by e-mail to the above

address, or by surface mail to the author at the Department of

Linguistics, McGill University, 1001 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal,

Canada. Though this is a (near) final version of the manuscript,

comments and discussion are still welcome.

Type:Paper/tech report
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