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Title:The full vs. partial reduplication in Korean salsal and salulu: A case for over- and under-application
Authors:Hyung-Soo Kim
Comment:Paper to be published in Proceedings of International Conference on Linguistics in Korea-2007
Abstract:The reduplication in Kor. salsal and salulu 'gently' presents interesting phonological problems in 1) what should be the underlying base, *sal or salu? and 2) how the length alternation should be explained. In this paper I first present a serial analysis in which these examples are explained as cases of over- and under-application, and then examine how it compares with a similar analysis in recent frameworks, e.g. the Correspondence Theory of McCarthy and Prince (1995), transderivational identity of Benua (1997) and the Stratal/ LPM-OT of Kiparsky (2000). The main conclusion drawn is that Wilbur's (1973) Identity Constraint, which facilitates explanation of the reduplicative identity in languages but causes all kinds of problems for traditional rule ordering, can be better understood if we take into account the rule persistency and productivity, as envisioned by Chafe (1968) and Chen (1972).
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology,Morphology,Historical Linguistics
Article:Version 1