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Title:A unified explanation for production/comprehension asymmetries
Authors:Petra Hendriks
Comment:To appear in: Anna Gavarró Algueró & M. João Freitas (Eds.), Proceedings of GALA 2007, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Abstract:In the past decades, research on language acquisition has identified several asymmetries between production and comprehension in various languages and in various areas of language. Many of these asymmetries came as a surprise to their investigators, because no asymmetries are expected under the traditional view of the grammar as a direction-insensitive system of rules. This paper argues that viewing the grammar as a direction-sensitive system of constraints on form and meaning, as in Optimality Theory, allows for a unified linguistic explanation of various types of production/comprehension asymmetries in language acquisition.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Language Acquisition,Syntax,Semantics
Article:Version 1