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Title:Interactions of tone and ATR in Slovenian
Authors:Michael Becker, Peter Jurgec
Abstract:The interaction of tone with vowel quality is rarely reported. In fact, Hombert (1977) and de Lacy (2007) deny that such interactions are possible. We present a particularly clear case of tone-vowel quality interaction in Slovenian as a counter-example. Slovenian restricts the combination of high tones with lax mid vowels by adjusting tone in the native phonology and adjusting vowel quality in the loanword phonology. We use this case to motivate an Optimality Theoretic analysis of Slovenian using a markedness constraint that directly relates tone and vowel quality, *H/[-ATR -low].

Previous reports of vowel quality-tone interactions were obscured by the mediation of other features or prosodic constituents between vowel quality and tone. Since Slovenian does not distinguish quantity or phonation type on vowels, and the pattern holds regardless of neighboring consonants or syllable structure, the tone-vowel interactions are clear and unmediated.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Phonetics
Article:Version 1