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Title:The Development of Onglides in American English
Authors:Jessica Barlow
Abstract: The Development of On-glides in American English

ROA-111 13 pages

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Jessica A. Barlow

Indiana University


The status of the C/y/ sequence as a consonant cluster has motivated an

investigation into the representation of such sequences in comparison to

C/w/ and consonant-liquid sequences in data from developing systems.

Evidence from production and substitution patterns indicated that

children showed different patternings for the consonant-glide sequences,

such that for some children the palatal glide patterned as part of the

onset of a syllable, whereas for other children it patterned as part of

the nucleus. Results support the claim that the palatal glide of the

C/y/ sequence patterns as part of both the onset and the nucleus of a

syllable. The seemingly ambivalent behavior of glides would then follow

from a complex structure and different constraint rankings. (Supported

by NIH DC 00260).


Type:Paper/tech report
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