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Title:Case, Word Order, Grammatical Function and Information Structure in Japanese
Authors:Kyoko Sugisaki
Length:90 pages
Abstract:This thesis describes the use of differential case marking in Japanese. Especially, the additional object marking ''no koto'' works as a sort of last resort, appearing only when all three strategies (i.e. word order, case marking, and animacy) are not in play.

The analysis shows that Japanese is a language in which information structure is of relevance and allows the direct object to be fronted for the sake of the optimal pragmatic structure. The ranking of the constraints shows that the realization of information structure is higher ranked than the constraints for the realization of the grammatical function.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Case marker, Topic marker, Word order, Information structure, Japanese, LFG, OT-LFG
Article:Version 1