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Title:On Reduplication and Its Effects on the Base
Authors:Miriam Meyerhoff, William Thomas Reynolds
Abstract: On Reduplication and Its Effects on the Base in Maori

ROA-125 18 pp.


Miriam Meyerhoff and Bill Reynolds

University of Pennsylvania and

University of the Witwatersrand



Maori, an Oceanic language spoken in New Zealand, uses both left-edge

and right-edge reduplication to realize a variety of derivational and

inflectional cate-gories. This paper focuses on one particular type

of Maori reduplication in order to illustrate an aspect of the

reduplication process which, to our knowledge, has not been discussed

in the literature to date: the idea that reduplication may actually

have an effect on the phonological form of the base itself. We

present an analysis of Maori reduplication which accounts for both the

form of the reduplicant and its effects on the base within the

framework of Optimality Theory.

Most aspects of Maori reduplication can be accounted for

straightforwardly under such a theory. However, we will show that in

order to account for all the facts of Maori reduplication, the

function of the Base-Dependence constraint, which operates in the

domain of the reduplicant, must have wider scope than has pre-viously

been proposed. We will suggest that the domain of Base-Dependence

must include more than segmental material, i.e., suprasegmental

features have a role to play in defining the optimal reduplicated

form. We then show that, given this expanded role of Base-Dependence,

reduplication in Maori may affect not only the form of the

reduplicant, but also the form of the base.


Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1