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Title:Directionality in Consonant Harmony and Headed Agreement By Correspondence
Authors: Luca Iacoponi
Abstract:Recent work on harmony has relied on the notion of Surface Correspondence to account for long-distance agreement effects. It is argued that surface correspondence relation holds between a head consonant and its correspondents (HD-Correspondence), rather than between segments with the same status. The head of a correspondence domain (c-head) is selected via constraint interaction and mainly determines the directionality of the assimilation process. A basic factorial typology of the theory is shown to generate attested directionality patterns, a previously unexplained Derived Environment Effect in Basque harmony, and an attested harmony type that is a combination of directional and dominant harmony.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, harmony, output-output correspondence, phonological heads
Article:Version 2
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