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Title:Reflections on CodaCond and Alignment [PASC-3]
Authors:Junko Ito, Armin Mester
Abstract:This paper examines the substance and formal nature of the Coda

Condition within OT, making use of the concept of Alignment. It is

argued that CodaCond, rather than disallowing elements from the coda,

must be construed as an alignment constraint requiring consonants to

occupy the left periphery of syllables. Besides possible

ramifications regarding syllable contact and onset maximization, the

paper shows that the definition of alignment must be separated from

the constraint requiring prosodic units to have 'crisp' edges (i.e.,

defined by exclusive linking). The analysis of Lardil illustrates why

double linking ('feature spreading'), rather than feature-insertion,

is employed to fill in epenthetic structure: Since every articulator

feature incurs a mark *Pl/Art, it is preferable to minimize place

specifications by invoking the spreading option, instead of inserting

new place features.

Junko Ito and Armin Mester

U.C. Santa Cruz
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1